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My name is DeAnna Charett and I am the owner/producer of Bad Habitz Productions, LLC.  I am in located Baton Rouge, La and have taken my 20 years of military service and 15 years of film industry experience and have merge them together to help my brothers and sisters.  I am an actress, a locations scout, a locations manager and a producer.
I started Bad Habitz Productions so that I could focus on feature films, short films and also documentaries that focus on our veterans in a judgement free atmosphere. I want to show the obstacles that veterans face daily and how these obstacles can be fixed, from the veteran’s point of view.  I am in pre-production on my first feature length documentary on Homeless Female Veterans under the guidance of L.A. producer, Matt Ogens. I want to do my documentaries different from normal documentaries by filming from “in the trenches”, “boots on the ground” style. 
I also want to train interested veterans in the entertainment industry, whether it be in front of the camera or behind the camera as crew.  I want to employ the trained veterans to work on my documentaries, independent films and on high budget films.  My hope is that veterans will be able to see the projects they worked on and be able to say, “I helped with that” and that they can socialize with other veterans and civilians. I started the 501(c)3, so that I can pay local, professional film industry workers to train the veterans and work with them in the future.  My 501(c)3 is called Bad Habitz Organization, keeping with theme that we all leave the military with some type of “bad habit”.

To find out more about training veterans in the entertainment industry, please visit Bad Habitz Organization.

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